GOWITHMI User and Service Agreement


This document contains all the terms and conditions of GOWITHMI service ("services"). By using GOWITHMI service and reading this document, this means that you already sign an agreement with GoWithMi Technology. You are deemed to have understood and agreed to be bound by the applicable terms. GoWithMi Technology urges you to read these terms and conditions carefully, GoWithMi Technology reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time, therefore, we encourage you to visit regularly to find update (if any).


1.        Summary

GoWithMi Technology is a company focus on information technology. GOWITHMI is one of the products about map application service, including traffic information, map, location, gaming, social and other Location based service.

Terms of use for GOWITHMI application

a)       User use the GOWITHMI app to provide location, direction, speed, time and other information to GoWithMi platform, such as traffic accidents, road closures, traffic rules change and other information, all data belong to GoWithMi Technology

b)       GoWithMi Technology will use the data to build traffic information and share the information to other users.

c)        GoWithMi Technology also uses the data for other purposes, including, but not limited to advertising, discounts, personal data for business customers, user merchandise information, and games and promotions.

d)       If user uses images or icons, comments, text and other information to upload photos, images, expressions to GOWITHMI, which is entirely the responsibility of the upload user, GoWithMi Technology assumes no any responsibility and claims

e)       When using GOWITHMI application, the user needs to provide actual information.

f)        Users using GOWITHMI applications must comply with local government law and regulations cannot use GOWITHMI applications for crimes, terrorist or SARA matters.

g)       If the user intentionally or unintentionally uses the GOWITHMI application to do an illegal action, the user will be fully responsible for the action. Exemption from the legal liability of GoWithMi Technology.

h)       Users must update applications and read user agreement from time to time


2.        Terms of service

a)       Local traffic rules must be observed

Users must always obey traffic and driving rules. The information provided by this service is not absolutely accurate, so it cannot replace the actual information on the spot. The direction and time information provided by the service is a combination of known conditions and forecasts, which cannot guarantee accuracy.

b)       Data is not always up to date and accurate

The data or information received or supplied by this service is dynamic, inaccurate, incomplete, or non-current data source. GoWithMi Technology does not guarantee that the service can always run without hindrance and always provides accurate information and / or data.

c)        Communication error

The service is heavily dependent on the communication link between the GOWITHMI application and Internet data center. For a variety of reasons, the communication may be interrupted, and GoWithMi Technology will provide the most reasonable solution to the interference after full understanding

d)       Data collection

When using GOWITHMI service, GOWITHMI application will collect data, including location, direction, time and other information, or user detail behavior, user use GOWITHMI services means that the user agree to provide such data for GoWithMi Technology, and the data can be used for any purpose, without any permission from user


3.        Price and service tariffs

a)       According to the pricing policy from GoWithMi Technology, the GOWITHMI service and the tariff service pricing can be changed at any time

b)       GoWithMi Technology has the right to change / terminate / add services or pricing structures at any time in accordance with GoWithMi Technology policies and / or, if one day, administered by the government.

4.        Abuse of service

At the same time serving users, GoWithMi Technology has no obligation to maintain quality of service

a)       GoWithMi Technology keep right to limit and prevent user abuse of service when the user already fully understand GoWithMi Technology term;

b)       GoWithMi Technology is not responsible for any abuse of the service and application by the user


5.        Intellectual property right

a)       GoWithMi Technology has ownership of all kinds of brands, signs and applications about GoWithMi Technology products, which are fully protected by applicable laws of China, such as, but not limited to, copyright law and trademark law. Without written permission from GoWithMi Technology, anyone cannot use, copy, implement, apply any brand, logo and / or application. Anyone cannot use the intellectual property rights owned by GoWithMi Technology, act on behalf of GoWithMi Technology, and have no legal rights. GoWithMi Technology reserves the right to unauthorized use of intellectual property rights in accordance with applicable law.

b)       The act of dismantling, copying, copying, modifying, or executing any other intellectual property infringement may be prohibited, including all types of device and intellectual property rights used in the application

6.        Limitation of liability

a)       GoWithMi Technology is not responsible for any direct or indirect loss caused by the use of GOWITHMI applications.

b)       GoWithMi Technology no guarantee:

l   GOWITHMI services and applications can always meet requirements or can always access;

l   GOWITHMI services and applications will not be disturbed, timely, safe, error free or protected from viruses or other harmful substances

l   The results using the GOWITHMI service will always be accurate and conform to user expectations

l   The quality of any information, materials, services, functions or other matters provided in the GOWITHMI services and purchased or acquired applications will meet user expectations

c)        GoWithMi Technology is not responsible for any loss caused by the services and applications that use GOWITHMI, and any loss caused by the use of the service, whether or not it is directly responsible


7.        Force majeure

Special events that out of control of GoWithMi Technology may cause users to fail to enjoy services, for example, but not limited to:

l   Natural disasters such as earthquakes, storms, accidents, floods, wars, riots;

l   Other people's actions / actions / circumstances so that GoWithMi Technology can not provide services to customers;

l   Technical barriers or other reasons beyond GoWithMi Technology control authority.

l   In the mandatory state described in this article, GoWithMi Technology may be exempted from its responsibilities.

8.        Everything else

a)       GoWithMi Technology reserves right to temporarily or completely cancel user service right when occur the event of technical errors and / or misuse of the service case, and user agree to released any responsibility to GoWithMi Technology

b)       GoWithMi Technology is not responsible for any bodily injury, illness, health risk, or other damages caused by GOWITHMI services or applications.

c)        GoWithMi Technology designated websites or other media from time to time notice that any new terms are considered part of the terms and conditions applicable to GoWithMi Technology users

d)       The user agrees to receive the quotation / information of the GOWITHMI application at any time in accordance with the fair restrictions set by the GoWithMi Technology on GoWithMi Technology and GoWithMi Technology.

e)       These terms and conditions may be changed from time to time without notice, so users are encouraged to always visit this page for changes (if any).